The economy and politics are inextricably linked. No politician can avoid including economic policy issues in his arguments. And in the economy, too, there is no success if one does not keep a constant eye on political developments. This affects companies as well as associations or trade unions that are active in this area of ​​tension. All these employers need experts who understand the connections between politics and the economy and can analyze how they influence each other. These specialists are trained in the Politics and Economics course. For individuals who want to study politics and economics and encounter financial issues, they can take advantage of loans for bad credit.

Career prospects with a degree in politics and economics

The graduates who have studied politics and economics work after their studies in a wide variety of areas in which political and economic issues collide and interact with one another.

Typical occupational fields and employers are, for example

  • Public administration bodies
  • Federal and state ministries
  • Associations
  • Unions
  • Political interest groups
  • Lobbying associations
  • Chambers
  • Business in the free economy
  • Business consulting
  • Foundations
  • National and international organizations
  • Public relations agencies
  • Media company
  • Education sector
  • Research institutions

Due to the special orientation of this course, the graduates have an advantage compared to pure economists or political scientists when a position specifically involves the interlinking of politics and economics. The Bachelor’s degree in Politics and Economics is the ideal starting point for a subsequent Master’s degree in politics or economics.

How much they can earn after completing their studies depends on the employer, the industry and the position.

Who is the Politics and Economics degree suitable for?

Those interested in studying politics and economics should have a keen interest in political and economic topics. You should enjoy analyzing these on a scientifically sound basis. Solid math skills and good English are also useful for this course.

With regard to the grade point average, many interested parties can study in this course, if they pay attention to the numerous clauses when choosing the university.

Where can you study politics and economics?

Prospective students can study politics and economics at several universities. It makes sense to choose a location that is close to political organizations or institutions.